• Ekta Warli Art

    Two jigsaw puzzle sets, two terracotta pots, a double photo frame, acrylic and tempera paints, a paintbrush, an instruction manual, and a very informative book on Indian traditional art.

    This valuable Warli kit introduces young children to traditional Indian Warli Art. This is a real Warli art treat wherein you have done your bit for the community by popularizing this great art form to a new and younger audience.

    A set of jigsaw puzzles introduces the child to this wonderful folk art. While putting together the pieces to form beautiful Warli art pictures, they learn the basic form. The child can paint a double picture photo frame based on Warli art. Two terracotta pots are provided and the Warli art can be extended to this medium resulting in some amazing creations

    Ekta Warli Art

  • Ekta The Classical Magic Show

    You are about to enjoy yet one more quality product from EKTA a fascinating magician’s kit, with instructions and accessories necessary for performing 81 tricks. People have always been fascinated and amused by the word of magic, and real magicians know how to astonish their audience

    Ekta The Classical Magic Show

  • Ekta World of Science

    About this item

    • Recommended Age: 5 years and up
    • Teaches kids the basic concepts of science
    • Comes with a 48 page pictorial guide to help understand the concepts easily
    • Includes all the required apparatus

    Ekta World of Science

  • Ekta 2 in 1 Paper Quilling

    Each of us loves to create! From a scary monster box to the prettiest doll; a super solar system project or that personalized photo frame for mom; our vivid imaginations provide an endless stream of awesome ideas. The desire to make is exciting, the creative process of making takes both the left and right brains on a journey of a lifetime; and the accomplishment of self-expression is invigorating. One of the key ingredients is the right set of tools. But even more important – is to encourage and appreciate – that is where we need your lead. So, let’s create – for there is nothing quite like it – each creation is unique and the pride and joy of having created are unparalleled!


    Ekta 2 in 1 Paper Quilling

  • Ekta Magna Play Set 3

    Magical Magnetic Learning and play game for kids.Improve imagination of your child by letting him create amazing pictures with magnetic pieces . Create more than 400 odd designs with different puzzles Contents includes Double Sided Black & White metallic canvas , 300 colourful round magnets , wooden display stand , puzzle booklet with detailed instructions

    Ekta Magna Play Set 3

  • Ekta Paper Quilling_1

    “PAPER QUILLING SERIES 1 Features : Quilling made fun and easy! Make amazing creations with simple paper strips. Keeps the kid occupied Art and Craft kit Develop Creativity in kid Make it more interesting with Paper Crimper tool inside Ages 8 and up DIY – Do it yourself Kit Paper Quilling is the art of rolling, shaping and pinching thin strips of paper into delicate looking shapes and using these pieces to form a design. Most shapes are made with just a few variations of basic rolls and scrolls. Once the individual shapes have been created, they are arranged to form a final figure. Ekta introduces an amazing paper quilling kit that gives your child’s creative abilities a boost. Your kids can make Panda, Angel Fish, Space Astronaut, Space Ship, Butterfly, Rainbow Flapper, Lalmb, Cow, Peacock, Penguin, Grass Hopper, Walking Beetle, Black Widow, Fruits & Vegetables etc. This Paper Quilling kit serves various purposes and keeps your children occupied as they learn how to put their imagination to use & it’s well stocked with various strips of coloured papers, Comprehensive book on paper quilling, Paper crimper tool, Paper quilling tool, wiggly eyes and adhesive glue. These tools can be used efficiently for designing purposes. Contents : Paper Quilling Tool 200 Paper quilling strips in 10 colours. Paper Crimper tool, Craft Glue Wiggly eyes 20 pages colourful paper quilling instructions book.

    Ekta Paper Quilling_1

  • Ekta Super Dough Factory

    SUPER DOUGH FACTORY Watch your creation magically grow As you slowly push the extruder’s Handle down. Contains 6 tubs of color Dough, 2 in 1 extruder, extrusion Strips, modelling molds, cap molds Etc. it also includes 3D mold to create 3D figures. Watch your creation magically grow As you slowly push the extruders Handle down. Contains 6 tubs of color Dough, 2 in 1 extruder, extrusion Strips, modelling molds, cap molds Etc. It also includes 3D mold to create 3D figures. This product is made up of high quality materials and hence is completely safe for your child. This product makes the perfect gifting option for any child. Playing with Soft Dough is a fun activity enjoyed by all kids, be it boys or girls. As a development factor in your child’s growth playing with soft dough aids fine motor development along with hand-eye co ordination and general concentration. Key Features:- An interesting kit where your child converts her imagination into reality. Watch your creation magically grow as you slowly push the extruder’s handle down. The use of Clay helps children develop imaginative and creative skills, and gives them endless hours of joy and FUN!. The modeling fun dough clay is easy to use simply by pulling apart in different colors clay. Contains 6 tubs of fun-dough with cap molds, 2 in 1 fun-doh Extruder with 2 Extrusions strips, 8 Molds, 3D Mold, Fun-Doh Knife.

    Ekta Super Dough Factory

  • Ekta Magna Play Set 1

    Magical Magnetic Learning and play , create amazing pictures with magnetic pieces ! create 400 plus different puzzles Contents : Double Sided Black & White metallic canvas , 300 colorful round magnets , wooden display stand , puzzle booklet with detailed instructions

    Ekta Magna Play Set 1

  • Ekta Tutti Frutti Scented Modeling Dough, Non-Toxic, Rehydratable, 4 Colour Dough – Tropical Scents

    About this item

    • Dough contains water inside; please keep it in a sealed package after using it, or the dough will become hard after the water is vaporized.
    • The Perfect Scented Modeling Dough for Toddlers: Rehydratable, Non-Sticky, No Flakes, and a Great Mix of Colors.
    • 100% Non-Toxic Ingredients: At Tutti Fruiti, We Pride Ourselves On Safety. Our squishy toys are 100% safe for kids, even being made extremely salty to avoid consumption.
    282.00315.00 10% off
  • Ekta Jewellery Boutique

    The jewellery boutique kit is a beautiful assortment of a wide variety of beads and small patterns that can be beaded together to form pretty looking jewellery. This kids’ bead jewellery kit contains acrylic beads of different patterns, clasps, hooks, ear loops, beading wire and more. Recommended for children above five years of age, this kids’ jewellery kit lets your creative little jewellery designer use her imagination to make gorgeous jewellery for herself or her favourite doll. It’s a great way to encourage creative thinking and for building an engaging hobby.

    Ekta Jewellery Boutique

  • Ekta Create & Paint (Windchime)

    Product description

    Create paint (windchime). Everybody loves wind chimes, and now you can create your own wind chime with loads of fun imagination. It contains mould, plaster powder, paint tubes of 6 colours, paint brush, metal chimes, glass beads, etc. A great craft kit for little kids, age 5+.

    320.00450.00 29% off

    Ekta Create & Paint (Windchime)

    320.00450.00 29% off
  • Ekta Magnetic Magna Play Set – 2 (400 Puzzles) for Kids

    About this item

    • Skill set: Creativity & Imagination, Memory Building
    • Type: Brain Teasers
    • 300 colourful round magnets, a wooden display stand, and a puzzle booklet with detailed instructions
    • Recommended Age : 5+
    395.00465.00 15% off
  • Ekta 4 in 1 Craft Box

    This art party supply adopts 3D pattern design that boys and girls will love. The busy girl/ boy craft toy kit is creative and challenging, children can accumulate a lot of experience in the process of making. Best Educational Gift -Cute gift packaging, portable and collectible, it is a precious gift for kids in their lifetime -This colorful craft kid can be used as a gift for boys, girls, daughters, sons, nieces, nephews, granddaughters, grandchildren and neighbors -Suitable for birthday parties, preschool kindergarten classrooms activities, family gatherings, holiday parties and other occasions It is an interactive learning game that can improve children’s social skills. The creative kid project suitable for children and beginners to create individually, and it is also the best interactive handicraft project for playing with parents. If it feels like your child has a birthday party every weekend, our DIY Kit is the answer! A unique and fun gift for all the boys and girls on your list! Includes Everything You Need. 4 in 1 Craft Box Game. Make crafty paper cup puppets, fabulous greeting cards, exciting creations with smooth wooden candy sticks and paper quelled animal & Birds. Be amazed by this giant box of craft from crafty puppets to paper quilled animals, blossoming young imaginations can finally make as many different crafts as they like. This wonderful collection is the ideal way to get your kids into crafting, as well as working with their creative ideas! Spark off your little one ideas and imagination with this cool supply of crafts. An ideal kit for your little artists and crafter develop their creativity and mobility with this high quality collection of amazing essentials. If you are looking for fun, indoor activities to captivate your kids, this is idea. Package Dimensions – L 34.5 x B 5 x H 24 cm

    Ekta 4 in 1 Craft Box

  • EKTA Magic Bouncy Balls- Multicolor

    Product description

    *Create Super Balls. *MAKE YOUR OWN BOUNCY BALLS: Unique Arts and Crafts Set Comes with All the Supplies Needed for Kids to Create Their Very Own Mini Magic Bouncy Balls. *12 BAGS OF POWDER CRYSTALS: Bright, Colorful Supplies Include Every Neon Shade of the Rainbow for Artistic Expression & Fun. Imaginative.Experimentation. *Just Pour, Dip, and Bunce: A Simple 3-Step Science Experiment Provides a Fast, Clean, Easy, & Educational Activity for Boys & Girls: Features: 4 separate molds. *PERFECT PARTY FAVORS: Safe, non-toxic toys make great inside & outside group projects for rainy days, birthdays, play dates, school science projects, & more.

    499.00599.00 17% off

    EKTA Magic Bouncy Balls- Multicolor

    499.00599.00 17% off
  • Ekta Alpha-Numeric Construction Puzzle, Built 29 Piece Puzzles Educational Board Game (Multicolor)

    This is a traditional Montessori toy. The recommended age is above 3 years. It can help increase the imagination and coordination of the kid, improve eye-hand coordination, and improve color and shape recognition. Perfect preschool educational toys, learning alphanumeric and graphic cognition before children go to school. Companionship is the longest-lasting confession. For young children, the companionship of parents is crucial. But companionship doesn’t mean taking the kids to the playground and going outside. With a letter pad at home and a few numbers and letters, you can play matching games with your kids.

  • Ekta Pixel Birds & Butterflies Fridge Magnets Badges Making KIT

    About this item

    • Over 2000 beads are in the Pixels Birds & Butterflies Game.
    • 12 colors of beads & 6 double-sided design cards
    • Transparent Plastic Peg Board for creations
    • Bead clips, Ironing Paper, Badge Pins, Magnets and detailed instructions included
    • For children above the age of 5 years old,.
    535.00610.00 12% off
  • EKTA Explore World with Flags & Capitals

    Product description

    The Explore World Puzzle Set is an entertaining educational activity for kids to help stimulate and challenge their minds. A unique, fun, and exciting puzzle toy to help children learn about all the major countries from all around the world. It enhances your kids understanding of geography and improves their motor skills and cognitive skills. These kids puzzle games can cultivate children’s various abilities, like hand-eye coordination, concentration, logical thinking, and patience.Its not only a word map puzzle but also a map of learning.

    800.00840.00 5% off

    EKTA Explore World with Flags & Capitals

    800.00840.00 5% off
  • Ekta 2 In 1 Paper Quilling Sea Creatures

    Have you always had an inclination for quilling but didn’t know where to start? Well, here is a starter’s quilling kit with all the necessary ingredients to make an enchanting project. Below are the wonderful items that come in the kit. EASY COILING DISC: Start by using Easy Coiling Disc if you are beginner. The Easy Coiling Disc helps you to make coils in jiffy; all you have to do is insert the paper in the slot and press the button, n makes coils with just one hand. You can coil up to 2-3 strips using the Easy coiling disc. JUMBO COILING DISK: Worlds First Automated Multifunctional Quilling tool that makes your quilling simple and easier. All you need to do is just insert the Quilling Strips in the slotted tool and press the button to coil, and your coil is ready in just fraction of a second. You can coil up to 20 strips of 10 mm using the Super Quiller making it very useful for 3D quilling as well. CRAFTSY QUILLING BOARD: The quilling board is an important quilling tool when you want to make wings of your butterfly or petals of the same size, your quilling coils will be neater and your artwork will be more perfect. Each circle has a code from A to H arranged in size order, to help you expand the coil. TWEEZER: Tweezer is the most commonly used tool and used to perform multiple functions such as – Pressing the coil after gluing – Pinching and twisting the coil to create different shapes from the expanded circular coil – Handling of thinner 3 mm quilling paper coils – Removing the coil from Quilling Board, Comb and Border Buddy – Placing the coil in right position in your design. QUILLING STRIPS: First time ever sticky back quilling strips comes with sticky edges, to make your work easy, just peel the sticker and shut your coil. The strips are of uniform size and thickness and the strips do not fade away with time too unlike other strips available in market.


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