• Ekta Word Builder

    • GURTOY Word Builder 2 in 1 Matching Letter Game for kids 6 ages Boys and Girls Sight Words Recognition Kindergarten Teaching Tools.
    • Learning is a Fun Playing: It is more efficient for kids to learn things at their very young age. Also, a good way to practice their memory.
    • This funny learning toy can guide kids to memorize the word from reading and spelling and learn some basic math, learning in fun and happiness. Practice Hand-Eye Coordination:
    • Identifying and learning words and number by spelling the word rightly is beneficial to the development of brain. Suitable for toddlers, preschool kids, home-educational kids, etc.
    • Material Type: Plastic;
    • Size: Medium

    Ekta Word Builder

  • Ekta Nature science

    Age group: 5 year and above for experimental explorers. How do you read a map. What is the scale of a map. How do you use a compass. How can you find your way in nature. What do you do if you are lost. With this kit children can exoeriment to find the answers to questions like these from their everyday observations. They will learn all about navigation by investigating maps symbols compasses.

    Ekta Nature science


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