• Ekta Super Dough Factory

    SUPER DOUGH FACTORY Watch your creation magically grow As you slowly push the extruder’s Handle down. Contains 6 tubs of color Dough, 2 in 1 extruder, extrusion Strips, modelling molds, cap molds Etc. it also includes 3D mold to create 3D figures. Watch your creation magically grow As you slowly push the extruders Handle down. Contains 6 tubs of color Dough, 2 in 1 extruder, extrusion Strips, modelling molds, cap molds Etc. It also includes 3D mold to create 3D figures. This product is made up of high quality materials and hence is completely safe for your child. This product makes the perfect gifting option for any child. Playing with Soft Dough is a fun activity enjoyed by all kids, be it boys or girls. As a development factor in your child’s growth playing with soft dough aids fine motor development along with hand-eye co ordination and general concentration. Key Features:- An interesting kit where your child converts her imagination into reality. Watch your creation magically grow as you slowly push the extruder’s handle down. The use of Clay helps children develop imaginative and creative skills, and gives them endless hours of joy and FUN!. The modeling fun dough clay is easy to use simply by pulling apart in different colors clay. Contains 6 tubs of fun-dough with cap molds, 2 in 1 fun-doh Extruder with 2 Extrusions strips, 8 Molds, 3D Mold, Fun-Doh Knife.

    Ekta Super Dough Factory

  • ekta krasa toys active sand castle play set- Multi color,

    Product description

    Get home this Active Sand Castle Play Kit brought to you by Ekta and teach your child how to make sand castles. This amazing kit contains a bucket and small blocked structures to create different-shaped castles and other structures. The vibrant colours used in this kit would make it your child’s favourite in no time. Made from premium-quality material, this sand castle play kit is non-toxic and harmless to your little one. This sand castle play kit will keep your little one busy for hours. This sand castle play kit is absolutely skin-friendly and would cause no harm to your child’s soft skin. This sand castle play kit helps with hand and eye coordination. This sand castle play kit is going to be a great surprise to your child, and it is also a great gift option.

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  • Clay Set for Kids Clay with Tools Different Color Clay Toy for Kids Multicolor Clay DIY Ultra Light Modelling Bouncing Clay for Kids (36 Clay)

    Product description

    CLAY FOR KIDS – Creativity knows no bounds and children are living examples of that. Their imagination lets them create the most enticing objects. Given the right means, their talent can bloom and can excel your expectations. The Clay Color Tool Set by Samvardhan does exactly the same thing. It enables your munchkins to breathe life into their drawing books. Furthermore, it is made with all innocuous materials and can be easily used by them. Your kids will always be one step ahead in creating the most enthralling artifacts with this product. It will give wings to their imagination and fuel their creative skills too.

  • Ekta Tutti Frutti Scented Modeling Dough, Non-Toxic, Rehydratable, 4 Colour Dough – Tropical Scents

    About this item

    • Dough contains water inside; please keep it in a sealed package after using it, or the dough will become hard after the water is vaporized.
    • The Perfect Scented Modeling Dough for Toddlers: Rehydratable, Non-Sticky, No Flakes, and a Great Mix of Colors.
    • 100% Non-Toxic Ingredients: At Tutti Fruiti, We Pride Ourselves On Safety. Our squishy toys are 100% safe for kids, even being made extremely salty to avoid consumption.
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  • Ekta Soap Forest Animals

    Soap making kit set tools for all age above 8 years. Make your Own coloured Soaps in shape of Forest Animals. All the experiments are safe and non-hazardous. However, adult supervision is preferred. What’s inside the Box Encourage the young scientist to experiment with this kit. Best suitable for kids over age 8 years interesting Educational Soap making Kit, DIY make your own bath soaps in Forest Animals shapes Make Your Own Soaps. This is the wonderful awesome entertainment for your little one.

    It’s a Game of fun for all age above 8 Improves children’s practical ability. Make fun while playing. Best birthday gift for your beloved child’s and for another occasions.

    LEARN…about chemical reactions BLEND…scents and colours for custom soaps EXPERIMENT…with different shapes and sizes *CLEAR SOAP BASE CUBES * PLASTIC MOLDS TRAY *GIFT WRAP AND TAGS

    *Everything you need! Just melt, pour and pop out! Soap making has never been easier, so exciting and innovative. Kids learn a little science in the fun way, make their own unique soaps to use, play, share or gift. Adults have fun too, creating unlimited amazing combinations by mixing and matching colours, just free your imagination and leave it reach its fullest potential. The soap making guide makes all very simple, you understand the basics of soap making, get inspirational ideas about making different soaps and mixing colours the right way, as well as have fun learning a little science. Contents :- Blocks of melt and pour clear glycerine soap base, 2 plastic soap moulds with 10 figures, 4 bottles of liquid oil based colour dye, bottle of strawberry oil fragrance, cosmetic grade glitter, gift wraps and tags and easy to use instructions.

    Ekta Soap Forest Animals

  • Ekta glow in the dark Slime

    Toys Glow in The Dark Slime Lab Make Your Own Spooky Slime. Create the coolest spookiest slime ever.

    Ekta glow in the dark Slime

  • Ekta Active Sand Sea Creatures,, Multicolor

    About this item

    • Ideal For: Boys and Girls
    • Non-toxic
    • Age: 3+ Years
    • Specially designed with no sharp edges
    • Teach your child all about sea creatures with this amazing Active sand Sea Creatures. › See more product details
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  • Ekta 3 in 1 Big Creative Box

    magic bouncy balls create your own super balls ,pour mould and bounce. 2.amazing active sand never dries out play again and again, it includes sand and 8 fun moulds, feel it move watch it grow. play indoor or outdoor without any mess, active sand is squeezable sand where you feel the fun and cant put down. feel ultra soft , easy to model ,beautiful detailed easy clean up 3. make your own fantastic yucky slime , mix and make silly slimy fun. Perfect for Birthday gifts for girls and boys.

    Ekta 3 in 1 Big Creative Box


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